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Water/Methanol Injection Kit

Price: $199.00


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Get a complete kit that is tested and proven! Compatible with methanol!This kit includes the following:

  • High pressure 150 psi diaphragm pump with EPDM valves
  • Easy install Injector nozzle - pre-assembled!
  • 8ft (standard) or 20ft (trunk option) High Pressure Black poly tubing
  • Choice of 2-24, 15-60, 1-4 activation point switch.  Note this is not the maximum pressure it can handle, only trigger pressure adjustment range
  • Optional vacuum switch or rpm switch for naturally aspirated engines
  • Industrial grade electric block off solenoid. prevents water/alky in lines from being drawn in while not in boost, allows instant spray response
  • 16 gauge pump hook up wire, 20ft of 20 gauge wire
  • 30amp automotive relay & harness
  • Fuse assembly
  • Various crimp terminals
  • Easy to follow instruction

Tank and Tank tapping kit is not included at the base price.  Optional.

Nozzle sizes are for gas engines running 50% alcohol and 50% water.  If using more methanol, use the next larger nozzle size.  If using straight water, use 1 to 2 smaller.

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