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Via Aqua Protein Skimmer SK-200

Price: $90.00
The ViaAqua In-Sump Skimmer is a complete ready to run protein skimmer for saltwater aquariums or reef environments. This affordable skimmer is designed to be user friendly. Unit comes ready to run out of the box. Just fill with water and plug in. The large intake venturi with flow control allows saltwater and air to enter the exclusive air/water mixing chamber. In the air mixing chamber protein, water and air are whipped, that helps removal of protein. The built in water level control and air control insures dry foam. The In-Sump Skimmer has a large volume adjustable collection cup and a replaceable filter sponge.

The ViaAqua SK-200 In Sump Skimmer is rated for tanks up to 100 gallons. Comes with via aqua 2300 power head pump. Dimensions - 8" X 13" X 17" High
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